Hi! Welcome to the Abundant Life Homestead. Thank you for stopping by. My name is Kelsey, and I am a homesteading wife and mother in the mountains of West Virginia. I grew up in the city but am now dedicated to a simpler life on the homestead. I enjoy cooking, baking, learning about homesteading, crocheting, reading, and spending time with my family.

Let me start by introducing the rest of the homestead family. This is the fearless leader of the homestead, my husband Chance. He is an RN and an extremely hard worker. He jumps headfirst into our homestead projects (even when I need a little extra convincing-more on that later.)


Here is our sweet son, Henry. He is 20 months old and loves life on the homestead. His favorite activities are chasing his “bock bocks,” listening to music, picking the garden harvest (even if it isn’t ready), collecting eggs, and feeding the animals. He is obsessed with tractors and hats. He will be blessed with a baby sister in November. We are very excited!


Inside the homestead, we have a cat, Gus, and a dog, Freckles. They clearly are living a tough life here.


Now onto the critters outside…

We have 23 buff Orpington hens all named Margaret. When we got them as chicks, it just seemed like the perfect name for them, and it has stuck! Everyone we know calls them Margaret. We also have one Australorp rooster named Jethro. He is the newest addition to the homestead.

We have four ducks that are all named Bill although three are female. (Have you ever tried to take a picture of ducks running away from you while you’re six months pregnant and waddling? Yeah, it was my first time too.)


Tulip and Lincoln are our rabbits that we purchased from Polyface Farm. We are hoping to breed them for meat in the future.

A few months ago, we added four pigs to the mix. At that point, I realized we are insane. They have been a great addition to the homestead (except when they escape their paddock!)

There is the homestead family! We are excited to share our knowledge and journey with you. We are by no means experts, but we hope to inspire you to start your own homesteading adventure and learn from you along the way! Thanks for coming along for the ride. Hope to see you again!

Wishing you an abundant life,




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