I can’t believe our precious daughter will be here in five weeks! Pregnancy goes by so quickly- except the last few weeks, right Moms? I think it goes even faster when you’re chasing a toddler around. It has been an emotional few weeks on the homestead with our anniversary, and now it has really hit me that these are the last few weeks of it just being us and Henry. It has been me and Henry every day, except this past Saturday. Chance and I went on our first solo date for our anniversary. That is almost two years that I’ve never been away from my buddy! Soon we will start a new chapter in our lives and have another child to love. I am thrilled, but it’s also bittersweet saying goodbye to this season with our son, so I decided to write a letter to Henry as his time as the only baby comes to a close.


My sweet,

From the moment we knew you were coming, you were loved. We were thrilled and counted down the weeks until your arrival. The magnitude of your birth was something we could have never known until we held you in our arms. Not only did you change our lives and give us so much love and joy, but you brought us closer together. You filled a hole in our lives that we didn’t even know existed.

Watching you grow and spending each day of your 22 months of life with you has been my greatest blessing. I am amazed by what you have learned in your short time on this earth and love experiencing life through your eyes. You have taught me to live in the moment, slow down, and embrace the chaos that comes along with having an almost two year old. You have taught me to wake up (mostly) excited for each day like you do. You have such a zeal for life, and your smile is contagious. You light up every room.

I know you are excited about the arrival of your baby sister, but my heart hurts a bit thinking that you don’t fully grasp the change that is coming. You have been the center of our world, and soon you will have to share that world with your sister. I know that you will love her so much and be a great helper, but I hope that you embrace the change well. I know it will be hard for you to understand why your life is changing so much, but know that we love you more than we could ever express.

My sweet boy, as we get ready to enter a new season for our family, remember how special and loved you are. The joy you have brought to our lives is indescribable, and I know your sister will only add to that. Soon there will be someone else grasping to be in Mommy’s arms, but there is always an open place for you. You will always be our baby no matter what. I can’t wait for our love and joy to double with the addition of your sister. You two will be our pride and joy. We love you so much, baby boy.

Love, Mommy

4 Comments on “Henry

  1. This was so sweet and precious. I’m still crying. Henry is so fortunate to have you two as parents.


    • Aww thank you so much! I had been working on this for weeks, but I could barely start writing without crying so it took a while!


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