DIY Vanilla

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If you’re anything like me, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking. If possible, I like to make a lot of what we eat from scratch. Knowing what is in the food we are eating is the heart of why we do what we do here on the homestead, and I am striving to make more and more of what we consume from scratch.

Recently I have started making my own vanilla extract, which is something that I use a lot. Pancakes, waffles, cookies, you name it. Vanilla plays a huge role in my kitchen. Plus it is so simple to make! This DIY vanilla would also make a great homemade gift. Here’s how you do it!

DIY Vanilla

3-5 Vanilla beans

8 ounces of vodka (you can also use rum, brandy, or bourbon for a more unique extract)

1. Split your beans in half lengthwise.

2. Place your beans in the alcohol of your choosing. I used vodka this time, but I want to try another batch with rum. Make sure your beans are completely submerged.

3. Let it infuse for at least a month. My bottle is a little larger, so I let it go a little longer than a month. If I had to redo it, I would have added a few more beans to my batch.

As you use your vanilla, you can add alcohol to your existing bottle to keep your supply going. I would suggest adding more beans to your bottle as you go to keep up the strong vanilla flavor. I have seen people dry out their original beans and use them to make vanilla sugar. I will definitely be trying that, and I will post the process and results here.

So give this easy recipe a try, and show me your delicious results. If you come up with your own fancy home brewed concoctions, share your recipes here. I would love to try what you’re making!

7 Comments on “DIY Vanilla

  1. Now I know why I like this so much – it’s the alcohol that makes it so good. Easy simple recipe

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