Meet the Herd

There’s a reason that the acronym for greatest of all time just happens to spell goat. We had tossed around the idea of getting goats for about a year, but we finally took the plunge. Just like I expected, the goats have brought so much joy to the homestead. Let me introduce you.

We got Lucy and Ethel together. Lucy, the brown goat, is a Nigerian Dwarf. We chose Nigerian Dwarf goats because we had heard they had better tasting milk. Nigerian Dwarf goat milk is also higher in butter fat than other goat breeds so it’s creamier and sweeter. We believe that Ethel, the black and white goat, is a pygmy. Lucy and Ethel are two peas in a pod, and you rarely see one without the other. Lucy thinks she is the queen of the herd and is probably my favorite out of them all. She is so sweet and mild mannered. Ethel is a little shy and can be a bit of a bully to the others, but I love watching her scamper around and head butt the others.


We got Rosie in April, along with her older daughter, Beatrix. Rosie also came with these two cuties that she had given birth to the week before. Hiccup (black with white ears) is a buckling, and Astrid (black ears) is a doeling. Can you tell our kids love How To Train Your Dragon? Rosie is so friendly and is always giving sloppy kisses to the kids. She is a great goat to milk and very rarely gives me any trouble. Her daughter from last year,  Beatrix, was pregnant when we brought her home and gave birth to a buckling named Tony a week later. On the other hand, Beatrix is pretty skittish. It has taken her some time to get used to milking, and she still gives me a bit of trouble. She is slowly improving and warming up to us, so I am hoping it will just take some time. Let me just say- baby goats are the best things in the world! I am convinced baby goat therapy should be a thing!

Getting the goats has not only brought so much love and excitement to the homestead, but we have also been getting their delicious milk! This is the first time I have ever milked an animal, so it took some getting used to, but it’s quickly become one of my favorite parts of the day. I can’t wait to share recipes with you featuring the milk, like how to make your own yogurt and cheese.

I am so excited to share more about our journey with the goats. We plan to breed Rosie, Beatrix, Ethel and Lucy this fall, so I’ll be updating you on that when the time comes. Plus, I’ll give you the run down on basic goat care and milking.

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