Homesteaders of America Conference

I have some exciting news! This fall, we’ll be packing up and heading to the Homesteaders of America Conference! The conference is October 11-12 in Front Royal, Virginia, and we are so happy to be going for the first time. This will be such an amazing learning opportunity for us and a lovely time to connect with those in the homesteading community on a journey like us. Let me fill you in on what I can’t wait for at this year’s conference.

The conference has an incredible line up of speakers this year, including Joel Salatin, Justin Rhodes, Jill Winger, Mike and Lacie Dickson, and Jason Contreras. Personally, I can’t wait to hear Jill Winger speak on the importance of vintage cooking skills. I’m a pretty confident cook, but I know that Jill has a ton of great tips to use in the kitchen. Justin Rhodes is always a wealth of knowledge when it comes to permaculture and getting your chickens to do your garden work  for you, and I am really excited to hear Mike and Lacie Dickson share about their experience of giving up life in the city for life in the country in a yurt! There have been many times where we have considered giving it all away and moving into a tiny home, so I can’t wait to hear them speak about yurt living. Of course any time I can hear Joel Salatin speak is such a blessing, and I am really looking forward to hearing him speak about business and finances on the farm.

The Homesteaders of America Conference also offers hand on workshops on topics such as beekeeping for beginners, raising meat rabbits, and preserving the harvest. Registration is required for these workshops, so check out the Homesteaders of America website for more information on those before the conference. Another great addition to the conference this year are the kids classes! We will be bringing Henry and Lillian with us, so the fact that there are activities for children is a definite perk for us. You all know that the kids having an active role in our homestead if so important to us, so I am thrilled that there are educational opportunities for them as well. The kids can learn about pollinators, survival skills, wet felting wool, and raising chicks. Also, there is story time with Joel Salatin. Let’s get real- I’d be at story time with Joel Salatin even if my kids weren’t attending. Admission for kids under 17 is always free, so bring your kids for an incredible learning experience!

The Homesteaders of America Conference is going to be such a wonderful experience, and I can hardly wait until October! No matter where you are in your homesteading journey, there will be something for you to gain at the conference. I am so excited about everything we will learn from the conference speakers, but I’m also really looking forward to meeting so many other homesteaders! It will be nice to be around tons of people with similar dreams and goals. If you are interested, check out to buy your tickets. I will be writing a follow up blog after the conference to share our experience. We hope to see you there!


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2 Comments on “Homesteaders of America Conference

  1. Hope you will be able to share how the Homesteaders of America conference was.


    • Yes! I will definitely be writing all about the conference when we get back!


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