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Homesteading Activity

Favorite Books for Homestead Kids

Our favorite children’s books on the homestead

Homesteaders of America Recap

Sharing our HOA Conference experience…

Homesteaders of America Conference

Gearing up for the Homesteaders of America Conference

Meet the Herd

Meet our sweet homestead goats.

In the Trenches

A note of encouragement…

The Thief

I’m sure you’ve all heard the quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” I know I had heard it many times, but it never really resonated with me until recently. It can be so easy to scroll through social media (I’m looking at you,…

Homestead Update

Updating you on our homesteading adventure…

Summer Gardens 2.0

An update on our summer gardens.

New Addition

Learn all about our new homestead protector!

A Rolling Stone

An update on my recent health diagnosis.